Padma Resort Legian



Bus Stop Location :In front of hotel Lobby

Padma Resort Legian was sited in the heart of Legian. The location was right in front of the beach where it was paved for the pedestrians. It is started in the South on the Jalan Melasti to the north in Jalan Double Six.

From the hotel, the visitors will be easily to explore the Legian area, via Jalan Padma, Padma Utara, and Jalan Legian


It was crowned as five-star hotel, Padma Resort Legian is a peaceful hotel under the shadow of the Famous Legian dancing sunset. You may only need to take a step from the art market and traditional mode in Jalan Legian. The resort is a place where you can stay and also connect to the nature. Located in the 6.8 hectares area which is designed in romantic view, with world class facilities and added with the famous friendly Bali. It will guarantee that you will not going to forget every moment that you have here.

Link : Padma Resort Legian

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