Le Meridien



Bus Stop Location : After the Hotel gate

The Le Meridien Bus Stop is located in south Jimbaran, just 200m walk from Muaya Beach. Here visitors can enjoy Jimbaran's famous seafood beach barbeques and brilliant sunsets.

Optionally, you can go to Jimbaran Corner for a spot of shopping at one of the stylish fashion boutiques or pampering yourself with the treatment that provided by Bamboo Spa. The Jenggala ceramics head office is also located in the area.

Le Meridien Bus Stop is located on both Lines, which is described as, Line 1 for those who want to depart to Kuta, meanwhile, Line 2 for Nusa Dua destination.


This luxury hotel is opened in 2012 and offers 118 bright and airy rooms. Facilities include a lagoon pool, kids club, spa and fitness center.

Link : Le Meridien

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