Coco Supermarket Ubud

Kura Kura Bus Stop at Coco Supermarket Ubud


Bus Stop Location: In the Supermarket's Parking Lot

The Coco Supermarket (Ubud) bus stop is sited on Raya Pengosekan street, about 5 minutes walk from the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. The bus stop is sited from DFS to Ubud route only. Thus, the passenger who wants to go to Kuta from Ubud may catch the bus at Puri Lukisan Museum or Ubud Central Parking bus stop.


Coco Group today has evolved from the founder’s goals for great value and great customer service. This belief of service brings Coco Group as retail industry leader in Bali with brands Coco Mart, Coco Express, Coco Supermarket and Coco Grosir. Founded in 2000, Coco Group now takes a leading role with total of 110 outlets across Bali and Lombok with more than 2000 employees.

Link: Coco Group Bali


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