Bebek Timbungan

Kura Kura Bus Stop at Bebek Timbungan Restaurant


Bus Stop Location: In the Restaurant's Parking Lot

The Bebek Timbungan bus stop is the newest Kura-Kura Bus Stop located on Sunset Road, the main road to Sanur and Nusa Dua from Kuta.

The bus stop is sited on Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3. Line 1 and Line 2 is addressed to passengers who depart to Nusa Dua or Jimbaran, and Line 3 which is for passengers who depart to Kuta. All lines will be heading to our bus terminal at DFS first.


Bebek Timbungan is famed as one of the oldest standing culinary legacies in royal Balinese history. As told in the Dharma Caruban ancient manuscript, Bebek Timbungan was long served in ritual ceremonies and special occasions. Originating from the word “embung” or “timbung” meaning bamboo, their specialty dish “Bebek Timbungan” has its own unique cooking style. The duck is cooked covered in Balinese original spices, commonly called as “Base Genep” then smoked in bamboo slats. This unique cooking process could take up to 15 hours to ensure that the spices are perfectly percolated into the texture of the duck meat.

Today, “Bebek Timbungan” is ready to be enjoyed without having to wait for any special occasion or celebration. Get ready to indulge in Bali’s ultimate delicacy, the crispy, soft and tender Bebek Timbungan, the aromatic Ayam Bakar Biru Maru, Ayam Betutu and Sate Bawah Pohon Jambu.

Link: Bebek Timbungan


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