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Bus stop location:Parking Area

Bali Zoo is the third bus stop on the Line 5 and located between Bali Zoo park and Sisi bag shop. Bali Zoo currently offers day out activities for families. The activities started from morning to evening. It will be started by breakfast with Orang Utan then continued with Zoo Entrance Visit or Night at The Zoo packages. These packages are already established for a number of years and fast becoming a popular activities for tourist both domestic and international to visit while they are in Bali. Through this conservation program, the animals were mended well with love and care. This is shown on how they treat the animals.

Furthermore, to enjoy this awesome performance, you have to notice that the bus will also pass this place on the way back from Ubud to DFS after Sisi Bag Shop. Make sure to scheduled your trips well and don't miss out the buss.


Opening hours : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Bali Zoo is concepted by Love, Conserve and Share derived from the ongoing crisis against the sea-turtle. It is widely known that the Sea Turtle is one of the longest-living animals on Earth and with high percentage of mortality from infantry to adulthood, these animals are becoming rare and on the brink of extinction and in dire needs of conservation to ensure their long-lasting survival.

Bali Zoo campaign for these animals to illustrate how important it is for us to care and most importantly act together, as extinction for these animals means an irreversible process. Our responsibility is to conserve the animals for the next generation so they can also see and live together with these animals.

Link : Bali Zoo

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