Bali Mandira Resort



Bus Stop Location :Close to the exit gate (inside Bali Mandira property)

Bali Mandiri Bus Stop is located in the heart of Legian. The location is on the edge of the beach where it was paved for the pedestrians. This sidewalk is started from the south of Jalan Melasti and ended in the north of Double Six.

From the hotel, the visitors will be easy to explore Legian area through Jalan Padma, Padma Utara, and Jalan Legian.


Bali Mandira Hotel offers you cottage like accommodation with 190 total rooms. Bali Mandira Hotel is surrounded by tropical garden and located right in front of Legian beach area. Thus, makes Bali Mandira Hotel becoming one of the most comfortable hotel for tourists.

Link : Bali Mandira Resort

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