Bali Bird Park




Bus Stop Location :In front of Bali Park entrance

This bus stop is the second stop on the Line 5, between Gallery Coffee and Bali Zoo, and is located at the popular Bali Bird Park. The bus also stops here on the way back from Ubud, after Bali Zoo.


Opening Hours : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Bali Bird Park can be reached only for 40 minutes drive from Kuta. Bali Bird Park is a conservation parks for over 1,000 birds. The park is home of the largest collection of Indonesian birds in the world including some species from South America, Africa and Australia, each mended in their natural habitat complete with indigenous plants.

Bali Bird Park offers numerous shows that are held daily where visitors may feed certain birds, watch entertaining flight shows, and interact with some of the friendlier feathered friends. "The Komodo Experience" takes place every Tuesday and Friday, so make sure to check the schedule if you don't want to miss out!

Additionally, the park is also completed with a cool air-conditioned 4D cinema, restaurant, cafe and souvenir shop.

Link : Bali Bird Park

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